The Lady Chapel I - Mary and infant

The following is adapted from my The Little Rubric Book which I wrote for evening devotions in those difficult years after my heart attacks. -- Glenwood

Heavenly Father, I pray this rosary in my very Protestant fashion, in the belief that in these last days You are sending signs and wonders in the heavens and upon the earth, and that they are not to be confused with the signs and wonders that the Evil One is sending to lure souls into paganism, New Ageism, cultism, and Satanism. When You have permitted the one who identifies herself as the Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ to warn the passing generations of men of Your great displeasure with sin and wickedness and Your coming wrath upon the earth, I am especially moved. That she may well be doing the work of a great latter day prophetess much as did those holy prophets and prophetesses of Old Testament times, makes me tremble for our human race's condition. That she is sent from time to time to the very poorest and unpretentious of our people can only recall to me that You have always done so. That when Your Son was born upon this earth unto the Virgin He had no bed but a stable's manger and it was the shepherds in the fields, not the high priests of Jerusalem, who heard the angelic song of the coming of their Messiah.

Help me to take such events quite seriously in the matters of living a good and holy life, and grant unto me the intelligence to know what is truly from you and what is from the Enemy, for he has the ability, according to Your holy Word, to masquerade as an angel of light. Wherefore I pray that the Holy Spirit descend upon us all; that the signs of the times will bring us closer to You and to Heaven and further away from the devil and eternal ruin. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

It is in reverence, as well, that I weed out from the Lady Chapel of my soul and mind all that comes to me that would be unworthy of such a visitant as St. Mary. I would not offend her with idolatrous prayers nor, God forbid, look upon her with the superstition that so many have fallen into and over which the Lord sent the glorious Protestant Reformation.

That our Lady is being sent to forewarn us of the coming catastrophe and to call us to repentance and renewed faith in Jesus Christ is the clearest and most consistent message that has been told to the various humble seers of the past few centuries. The Roman Church, because of its theology (it has, in my humble opinion, a very week christology) has said some very nearly blasphemous things concerning the Virgin Mary over the centuries. With the coming of the great Second Vatican Council much has been reformed within that venerable institution. The great difficulty for a Protestant and an Anglican is to separate the messages from Heaven away from some of the unfortunate dogma Rome has spun around these appearances. In many instances, perhaps most instances, the humble and godly peasants to whom Mary has appeared know only what Rome has long taught concerning the Mother of our Lord. Therefore, one must get pretty much to the original messages and events. The pity, I think, is that Rome would not let down her barriers and permit the plain Christian truths in these messages to speak for themselves. The events in Medjugorje have changed this unfortunate attitude as Mary is permitted to speak without so many ecclesiastical interpreters. It is, however, to Rome's great credit that her reverence toward Our Lady, though overblown so many times, has produced many, many great saints, mystics, and seers within that enormous faith. Heaven would not have been heard through Mary's blessed lips had it not been for these godly and most humble souls.

I submit, then, to the reader the Lady Chapel of my own Cathedral Soul, and be ye Protestant or be ye Catholic, first be ye Christian and know that the Mother of our Lord is also our Mother and, as He has told us, if we will do His will gladly, we shall be as mothers and brothers and sisters unto Him. His words to the woman who would bless His Mother for bringing Him into the world were not a put down of His mother but a praise of St. Mary and all who will imitate her devotion to Her Son: "Yea, rather, blessed are all who do my will!"

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