The Lady Chapel XII - Mary & Christ

My want of strength and stamina and the length of this book must now limit what I further share. Appearances of St. Mary are often proclaimed but, and this is to the great credit of the Roman Church, very few of them prove to be valid. The church's investigations are thorough and at times ruthless. Yet were they not, and if an accepted apparition would prove to be a phony or something dreamed up by an unbalanced mind, the Christian Faith would be scorned and ridiculed by her many critics, and the childlike believers would be devastated. The Church, therefore, is defending the Faith and protecting the little ones of whom Christ said, "It would be better to have a millstone hung about your neck and be thrown into the sea than to offend one of My little ones!"

Notable apparitions happened in both Banneux and Beaurang in the early 1930s involving, in each case, little children. I agree with Rome that these were valid apparitions with much to be learned from them in our Christian walk. The reported appearance at Garabandal, Spain to some teenage girls back in 1961 may be true, but with the Roman Church, I am very cautions about this one. There seems to be some very strong reasons why the Holy Spirit holds me back from accepting it as I recall again what our Lord told us about Christians and the world's delusions: "Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves". I fear that many may lose their Faith over Garabandal, though I pray that I am wrong.

There are some noteworthy apparitions in Venezuela and the Argentine and they sound very much as though they are from Heaven. The bishops down there have wisely investigated and have called them valid. One of the most startling occurred in Cairo, Egypt where Christians are greatly persecuted by the Muslims.

One particularly haunting apparition makes me tremble within for I know it to be true, having been shocked, with the rest of the civilized world, at the genocide in Rwanda. I copy here from another source:

Catholic Apparitions of Jesus and Mary at Kibeho, Rwanda, Africa

"...It was said the visionaries at Kibeho were shown terrifying glimpses into the future: a tree in flames, a river of blood, and many abandoned, decapitated corpses.

The Final Hour : This book was published two years before the Rwandan holocaust "... In one vision that lasted eight hours they saw terrifying images of people killing each other, and bodies thrown into rivers.

They saw bodies without their heads -- decapitated. They were weeping and crying and the witnesses who crowded around the seers were left with an unforgettable impression of fear and sadness."

If Rwanda did not come back to God, said the vision, there would be a 'river of blood.'

from the book Trumpet of Gabriel

"In November 1981, apparitions began in Kibeho, Rwanda, Africa, to seven visionaries: Alphonsine, Emmanuel, Anathalie, Marie-Claire, Stephanie, Agnes, and Vestine. Three of them were boarders in a college administered by nuns in a poor area, and three others live in the bush. Our Lord appeared independently to a young pagan, Sagstashe, who has since taken the Christian name Emmanuel. Our Lord taught him the Our Father and gave him instructions on the faith. Emmanuel was given the following message from the Blessed Mother:

'There isn't much time left in preparing for the Last Judgment. We must change our lives, renounce sin. Pray and prepare for our own deaths and for the end of the world. We must prepare while there is still time. Those who do well will go to Heaven. If they do evil, they will condemn themselves with no hope of appeal. Do not lose time in doing good and praying. There is not much time and Jesus will come.'"

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