The Lady Chapel VI - Our Lady of Guadeloupe

Our Lady of Guadeloupe

In 1531 St. Mary appeared to an Aztec peasant man near present-day Mexico City. Showing that she was no goddess she addressed Juan Diego with her eyes modestly cast downward. Behind her was a great light, as if the sun was clothing her. This sign told Diego that her God was more powerful than the sun which his people worshipped.

Reporting this incident to his bishop, the peasant was told to ask for a sign that it was St. Mary. She would fill his tilma (Spanish: pancho-like coat) with many flowers that were not in season for it was December 12, 1531.

When the cape was opened to give the flowers to the bishop, an image of our Lady was imprinted in his coat. The bishop and his assistants immediately fell awestruck to their knees.

So many wondrous things could be told of this, but these few observations must suffice for now: a) The tilma ought to have rotted away in 100 years but after more than 400 years this cactus fabric is still intact. b) The exact print of the stars in their constellations over Mexico on December 12, 1531 is to be found in the picture. c) To prove this is no human painting, modern scientists have discovered the microscopic (invisible to the naked eye) reflection of these men: Juan Diego, the bishop, and an unidentified man in the eyes of this miraculous painting.

Mexico quickly converted to Christianity. The image is still to be viewed at Guadeloupe and Catherine and I saw it when we were at Mexico City. There were a few artistic improvements (I suppose you'd have to call them?) with sun rays and angels painted around the miraculous image. What "cheek" we poor sinful mortals have! Otherwise the image is a phenomena that is beyond scientific explanation in every respect.

It is noteworthy to meditate upon what the image is saying. Here is an instance where "the Woman's seed", that is Jesus Christ, literally crushed the old serpent's head for Guadeloupe in Aztec means "crusher of the stone serpent". This "stone serpent" was the cruel Aztec god Qutalcatl to whom millions of humans were sacrificed by cutting open their chests and pulling out their still beating hearts. As devilish a form of worship as any demon would desire, to say the least. And now the multicultural morons are building a great monument to Quatlcatl out in California. What wicked days these are!

The crested moon in the miraculous picture was the stone serpents symbol and here supernaturally Jesus' mother is shown with the crested moon underfoot! Hallelujah!

She would have us then rejoice in Christ's victory over that old serpent, the devil.

Her words to Christ's followers are especially moving: "Am I not her who is your Mother? Are you not under my shadow and protection? ... Are you not in the folds of my mantle? .. In the crossing of my arms?"

From the cross Jesus said: "Behold your mother!"

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