Glenwood Thomas Davis
1942 - 2001


A brief biography

Glenwood Thomas Davis was born January 4, 1942. Reared in a delightful Pennsylvania country village he counts himself fortunate because of his happy childhood and youth. However, he almost didn't make it beyond his first birthday. Stricken with a case of pneumonia, meningitis, and encephalitis, all at the same time, the family doctor was pessimistic about his recovery. His Godly mother stayed by his cradle day and night praying for the Lord to spare him, and that is exactly what the Lord did.

His first wife, Nancy, died at 23. She was a precious lady who near the end of her life had visions of Jesus. Glen has been happily married to his second wife, Catherine, for over thirty years. They have a daughter and son-in-law, Laura and Scott, whom they visit in Indiana when Glen's health permits.

Educated at Waynesburg College and Pittsburgh Theological Seminary he was a Methodist pastor from 1961 to 1972 when he, along with his wife, converted to the Anglican expression of the Christian Faith. For most of the following years he preached widely throughout his diocese, and in many non-Anglican pulpits as well. Twice he has declined Holy Orders within the Episcopal Church, as well as offers of ordination from both the Baptists and Presbyterians, believing that his was meant to be an ecumenical lay ministry. He is a convinced Anglican Christian and his 1991 attempt to leave that Communion in his despair over the revisionism within the Episcopal Church saw him in Rome for a little over a year. He has said, "For better or for worse I shall live and die an Anglican. I have preached as an Anglican in all manner of churches and have always found that the Gospel of grace, so preached, is always appreciated even by the staunchest of Methodists, Roman Catholics, Baptists and Presbyterians." He was a school teacher for many years. His happiest memories are the five years he spent as a well-loved history and government schoolmaster at a Christian Academy. He counts it a particular kindness of our Lord that he presently lives within the shadow of his old seminary. When health permits, he frequents its library's vast Patristical section. His one regret is that he never learned to read Latin and that he can only read Greek with a huge lexicon at his elbow. He trusts the Lord that in Paradise he will be able to read (and meet) his favorite Church Fathers speaking in fluent Latin and Greek.

The reason for A Cathedral Soul has everything to do with a day of multiple and massive heart attacks back in 1992. He hovered near death for weeks as he had lost over half of his heart. Twice he was given Extreme Unction. In what might be referred to as a Near Death Experience, a floating in a deep velvety darkness, he was aware of the invisible battle for souls being waged between the holy angels and the demons. He knew that should he die he would be with Jesus but he prayed in that profound and silent darkness not to be taken yet, but that he be given more time to preach the Gospel. "Not yet dear Lord", he prayed, "Not yet ... I would be too ashamed to gaze upon Your wounds for there is too much I've left unsaid despite my years in your service. Let me do all I can between now and my last day on earth to preach your Gospel." That power to physically preach was no longer his because of his frail heart. Even so, Glen believes that the Lord answered that prayer by sparing his life and opening to him "cyberspace" where he can freely share his love for the Most Blessed Trinity and for that Christianity which C.S.Lewis called mere Christianity.

A Cathedral Soul, originally written for his family, has become that cyber-pulpit the dear Lord has provided him. His prayer is that many will come to love God ever more through this particular ministry. Glen died on July 10, 2001. Before his death, he said, "My greatest concern toward the end was for all to turn their eyes upon Jesus."

Editor's note: With great thanksgiving, Glen lived to witness the birth of his granddaughter, Jenna Catherine, on April 3, 2001, and was able to attend her baptism on June 24, 2001.

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