5. Buttress of the Inspiration of Christian Holy Scripture:


Buttress of the Inspiration of Christian Holy Scripture:

It would clearly seem the Holy Spirit gave Christianity the Greek Septuagint Old Testament (symbolized by LXX) rather than the Hebrew Masoretic version. Why? In true humility I propose that it best served ancient Christian resurrection allegory! The Septuagint was translated from the Hebrew to the Greek by 70 wise and holy Jewish scholars at Alexandria, Egypt and became the translation from which Christ and His Apostles are quoted throughout the New Testament. That is why it is best to understand the Old Testament by first learning the New Testament. MORE ABOUT THE SEPTUAGINT

Lift up my mind that my heart may follow,
and my soul may yet dwell in Thee.

Release it from all rusted chains, 
all "hide bound" prisons,
and raise it up to Thy thoughts.

Oh blessed Lord,
	Thy Resurrection cannot be honestly
	nor consistently denied,
		and Thou didst not slavishly
		confine the Christian to the literal Hebrew texts
		nor did Thy beloved churches.

The reality of Thy concrete triumph
proved all prior to that
moment of history to be




to be illumined by the Holy Spirit,


in Thy providence a kinder Greek translation of
Law and Prophets
is greeted by thy new people.



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