A Cathedral Soul is dedicated to all who treasure the great fullness of our common Christian tradition. It is written with the conviction that Christ, as He has been experienced in both the Eastern and Western traditions of Christianity, transcends all of our differences in theology and church politics.

I thank the Lord for sparing my life these past several years and for giving me the grace and strength to write this little book. Its inadequacies are those of the author; any good that it may bring to others will be completely the doing of God the Holy Spirit.

My gratitude to my beloved wife, Catherine, who both taught me how to better use this media and who has constantly but lovingly been "on my case" to not exhaust myself at the keyboard. My gratitude to my good brother in Christ, Andy Figueroa, who has done an outstanding work in the editing of this manuscript and an inspired artist's work of love in all of the technical and creative work to place this on the internet. And my gratitude to Rosanne Brown, a sister whom I have never met but fully expect to meet when we see Jesus face to face. Her proofreading of this work and improvements in its style have been invaluable. All three of these good people have had their work cut out for them, especially in working with my rambling style which I must blame upon thirty years in the pulpit. The present literary form was made possible because the Lord gave them the grace and the wisdom to work with my material.

I have tried to document all of my quotations and have used such materials purely in the spirit of somebody writing a private correspondence. If I have failed to acknowledge all of my sources I ask that it be brought to Andy's attention so that the oversight might be immediately remedied. There are occasional web-links to many of the subjects I've discussed. I encourage all to pursue them, for my treatment was cursory at best. I owe several of these sites a great debt of gratitude and have tried to be careful in the use of materials accessed from them. If I have made any slip-ups here, please let the editor know and it will be remedied as well. I ask that any copyrighted materials be treated accordingly and that this not be reproduced for purposes of selling. It may be used in the spirit in which it was written and uploaded onto this site: for personal devotions.

Yours in Christ,
Glenwood Davis

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