The Cathedral Soul

A Cathedral Image

Cathedral image thru cutout

A cathedral is an image in stone of a prayerful Christian life. Like some great cathedral, a truly prayerful soul is a cruciform (cross-shaped) place of worship and adoration. Like some graceful cathedral, a prayerful soul has her majestic walls, her soaring towers reaching heavenward. So it is, and so it ever shall be with a soul communing in its love with the God who is Love Himself!

From all eternity Thou hast gazed in love upon Thy Father, O Eternally Begotten One, Jesus Christ. When in human flesh Thou didst sojourn here below, Thy Human Soul immortalized all faithful souls that ever prayed for love of Thee. Cathedral-like Thou raised Thine hands as spires that reached to Heaven, and for us men Thou spreadest Thine arms upon the Cross, that Cruciform. The sacrifice upon the Altar High, high upon Golgotha's brow, forever raised to save our souls that they, like Thine, shouldst yet at last become cathedrals of Thy Peace. O evermore send down the Dove that floods our faltering prayers with Love and lift our sights to God's right hand where sittest Thou in glory bright. Ring forth the heavens in thunderous bells, descend at last o Holy Christ with outstretched arms ... , Cathedral-like lift heavenward Thy Church from night. Amen.


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