Rose Window, South

High above the south arm Transept is the Rose Window, south. This architectural beauty was made possible only with the newest technology of the Middle Ages for, along with huge stained glass windows, the soaring walls of these exquisite places allowed for the awesomeness of the great depiction's in glass of the Holy. Note its similarity with the shape of the rose, each pane a reminder of a petal.

South Rose Window - South Rose Window, Westminister
Abbey - Westminister Abbey

St. Mary the Virgin was often compared to the fairest of roses. During many of her apparitions to call people to repentance and back to her Son, there was often a sweet fragrance of roses and mass visions of rose pedals falling from the heavens. It is noteworthy to remember that many of the saints who were exhumed to verify their identity before formal canonization to sainthood were not only found to be uncorrupt, but that this same fragrance of sweet roses emanated from their remains.

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